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  • 2019 – A Retrospective

    A few thoughts on last year, both personally and as a writer. ME Renewed a twenty year old friendship – what a blessing! Welcomed another grandson (four grandchildren now) Celebrated my younger son’s birthday, in person, for the first time in MANY years Took on a PT job for several months to help with the […]

  • Saying Goodbye to an Underperforming Book

    “You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.” Octavia E. Butler This week, I made the difficult decision to pull the plug on one of my books – Second Chance Earth. For months I wavered back and forth, […]

  • Weekly Roundup – Blast From The Past 2: A VALENTINE

    Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! I just rediscovered this one mixed in with my early work. It’s a Valentines Day poem I wrote for my mother in 1976 – cheesy, sappy, and poorly executed. I still love to write rhyming verses but clearly poetry is not my […]

  • Weekly Roundup 12-19-18 Becoming a Full Time Author

    Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! Some months ago I saved a post entitled “What It Takes To Go Full-Time As An Indie Author”. Unfortunately, the post is now “marked private by the owner” so I can’t tell you who wrote it. The writer claims to be making […]

  • Expectant Moon Gets a Makeover

    The importance of a great cover cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to grab a potential reader’s attention while also giving them a general idea of what kind of book they are looking at. Great, now you’re halfway there! The second step is to provide an enticing book description, which, if done correctly, peaks their interest […]

  • Reader Roundup 6-13-18

    Reader Roundup is a weekly update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! Seems as though everyone and their mother is trying to sell me their book on how to be a successful author. Much of the material I’ve seen is repetitive, common sense stuff with little value. Allow me to share some helpful […]

  • Reader Roundup 5-23-18

    Reader Roundup is a weekly update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! Two things have kept me busy this week: promoting Expectant Moon and thinking deep thoughts about BEAR, DRAGON, and CAT shifters. As to the first, Expectant Moon has been well received so far and garnered ten five-star reviews. This makes me […]

  • My Books Now On KDP Select

    Beginning today, I made an executive decision and moved all my books to KDP Select, meaning they are only available from Amazon for the foreseeable future. I gave D2D a try for a couple months, hoping a wider distribution would result in greater sales – it didn’t. Plus, it prevented me from offering my books […]

  • Manuscript Editing for Self-published Authors

    I am not the only self-published author who has to edit his own manuscripts, but it’s one of those absolutely necessary tasks if I want my work to be taken seriously. It’s time consuming (meaning less time to write) and almost as interesting as watching paint dry. With the correct mind-set, which I will mention […]

  • On their way

    After months of anticipation, my books will arrive at your favorite retailer within the next couple of days. Strange as it may seem, excitement is only one of the things I am feeling right now – the other is a bit of anxiety. Most of that stems from my lack of marketing knowledge and computer […]

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