BEWARE! – Book Pirates and Scammers!

More scum in the indie author sea –  

I found at least two of my books on their site via an author name search on Google. They claim to offer a free version of the book for download, but when I clicked on the “Download Now” button, my anti-virus software flagged it as a “known malicious site” and strongly recommended that I not open it. I did not.

Clicking on the options at the bottom of the page (About Us, Terms & Conditions, Contact us, DMCA, Links, Donate) will only take you to a different page that says “If you require any more information or have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by email: epubpub @ This is a dead link and went nowhere.

MAJOR RED FLAG – the only link that works is “DONATE”. There you find five different cryptocurrencies to choose from! It’s no surprise what these slimy bastards are really after.

Apparently, there’s no way to remove my copyrighted property from their site. It seems likely that they are only using the cover and part of the blurb and do not possess the actual eBooks. I certainly hope so, anyway!

Like pirates of old, their ship should be boarded, the crew hung, and the vessel burned. I’d be happy to help if they are ever caught.