Wish me luck!

I’ve just entered my first writing contest! Rise of the Draman has been submitted as a children’s mid-grade entry. The contest winners will be announced in December.

There are lots of contests out there, and I have considered entering a few in the past. Three things held me back: entry fees, dubious claims, and lack of confidence. As Best Indie Book Award (BIBA) appears to be legit, I decided to go for it. Even if I don’t win, this entry may give me the courage to try again in the future.

Find out more HERE.

On the other hand, winning the award would not only boost my public profile, it would validate the sacrifices that have brought me this far. I chose Rise of the Draman because I’m finding it difficult to promote, and it needs some love and attention. Coincidentally, this same book has been selected by Amazon as a Prime Reading title through December 1st.

Perhaps the tide is turning and my brand will get a boost soon. You’ll be the first to know!