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  • MY 2022 PUBLISHING ANNIVERSARY – It’s Been Five Years!

    Allow me to begin with a celebration of what’s been accomplished in the last five years. One of my books is no longer available and one is yet to be released, so the figures actually represent ten books. Looks impressive, right? Well it is, though I haven’t quit my day job! The vast majority of […]


    It seems like more than four years have gone by since the release of my first book. Having re-visited the last three anniversary posts, I discovered that while the tune has changed, the dance remains the same. Progress? Undoubtedly. Frustration? By the bushel. Pleasure? Enough to keep me addicted. Desire to continue? Yes! Before looking […]

  • Weekly Roundup 8-15-18 My Publishing Anniversary!

    Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! WOO HOO! One year ago I became a published author! It’s been an incredibly busy time of growth, change, excitement, and, yes, discouragement. Though I’ve learned an awful lot, it’s obvious I have much further to go and wonder when, or if, […]

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