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  • Reader Roundup 6-27-18 What? No Aliens?!

    Reader Roundup is a weekly update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! FINALLY! Someone in the scientific community has been brave enough to suggest what I have always believed – we are alone in the universe. “Alien life should be everywhere. Yet, by all appearances, humanity seems to be flying solo in our […]

  • Galactic Neighborhood series review

    The Galactic neighborhood series has been out since last August, but I’m sure many of you haven’t yet read it. See what RSBProds, a Top 1000 Amazon reviewer had to say:   THE STARSHIP “EXPEDITION” ENCOUNTERS A DANGEROUS PREDICAMENT  by RSBProds on October 20, 2017 Four PERPLEXING Stars. Expedition is a fast-paced novel by talented […]

  • Personal ethics in a Fiction story

    Post update: Second Chance Earth has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. My reasons are revealed in a separate post, and have nothing to do with the issue discussed below. **************************************** I have written previously regarding my book, Second Chance Earth, but let me summarize quickly. A ruined Earth is taken over […]

  • The Writing of Exploration

    The Writing of Exploration

    In the Epilogue of Odyssey, the unfortunate capture and destruction of Exploration is mentioned. In truth, I really had no clear idea how that was going to play out! It took some time for the ideas to coalesce and give me the direction needed. From the start, I intended this book to be a bit […]

  • The Writing of Odyssey

    The Writing of Odyssey

    In some ways Odyssey was easier to write than Expedition, but I discovered unexpected challenges as things progressed. The first, and most obvious, was the location of the action, which was almost totally on the planet’s surface. I didn’t have all the cool space-based technologies, ship movements, interesting discoveries, and other goodies to play with […]

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