The Silestri thought their enemy was dead. Big mistake.

Exploration’s peaceful journey ends abruptly in disaster. The doomed vessel is attacked, stripped of its crew and destroyed. The men are marooned while the women are forced into a slavery of the worst kind on the Silestri homeworld.

The elusive search for Exploration continued until a corridor through space was discovered, leading straight to the enemy and the dark secrets they kept.

With only days before a decisive battle, an audacious rescue effort is launched to reunite the remnants of humanity and bring them safely home.

“Wow! What a great ending to this series. Very suspenseful and full of great storytelling.” 

“I found the entire series wonderfully written, with great characters. Keep them coming!”

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The Galactic Neighborhood trilogy traces the fate of three Earth colony ships, sent out into the void to find new worlds for man to conquer. Though their futures are ultimately intertwined, each face the uncertainties of a galaxy filled with wonder, danger, and incredible opportunity.

(Author’s note – though each book may be enjoyed as a stand alone, I recommend reading them in sequence to get the complete backstory.)