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Over a decade ago, bear shifter, Dash Hawthorn, tragically lost his mate near Valentine’s Day. Alone ever since, he shuns the lover’s holiday in an attempt to keep his fragile heart from breaking. With a new business venture under construction near Bear Creek, Dash prepares to leave painful memories behind and embrace a different kind of life. He doesn’t know it will include an intriguing human his bear can’t resist.

Aiden Romero’s world revolved around Delicious, his popular downtown chocolate shop. While he loved most holidays, Valentine’s only reminded him that his desire for a shifter mate remained unfulfilled. When the town’s newest resident stops by the shop, their instant attraction begins a complicated romance neither man expected.

As their attraction grows, Delicious experiences a wave of attacks that leave Aiden shaken and his business at risk. Despite Dash’s inner doubts, he does everything possible to protect the human he knows is his mate. In the process, and with the help of Dash’s bear, they begin to see a future full of possibilities.

Can two lonely hearts overcome the past and embrace a new Valentine’s Day together? See what Cupid’s been up to in this sweet and savory romance with a guaranteed happy ending! (Book 2 of the Holiday Mates series. Contains steamy M/M content.).


“I was expecting lighthearted Valentines Day fluff, but got way more than I bargained for! The story was surprisingly rich and deep and very engaging. I love the way this author wraps up every storyline in such satisfying ways. Looking forward to the next holiday!” Kari, Amazon reviewer

“Loved this book! Elliott is all about the details, making his stories believable. The characters are fully fleshed out & the story is exciting, fun & sexy. Read it – you’ll love it!” TC, beta reader

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. The story had everything you’d ever want—great characters, romance, humor, great world building, drama, and a touch of excitement. You can’t go wrong with this book!” Annabelle, Amazon reviewer

“This story has so much more than your typical Hallmark movie-esque confection with drama, heartache, laughter, and tears. Elliott is a masterful storyteller who builds his worlds with the care of an architect and describes them with a powerful command of the language. I’m already anxiously awaiting another trip to Bear Creek!” Michael, Goodreads reviewer


Pick up book 1 of the series, Bear Creek Christmas while you’re at it!

Eager for a fresh start, Levi accepts a teaching position in the human-shifter community of Bear Creek. Focused on his students and the upcoming Christmas celebration, romance is the last thing on his gift list. However, when a local shifter shows interest, Levi’s recent breakup leaves him reluctant to get involved.

Just outside of town, Knox lives the simple, quiet life of an unmated shifter. When his bear picks up an intriguing and unforgettable scent, he’s determined to win over the cautious new music teacher. After a rough start, he patiently breaks down the walls around Levi’s heart, hoping for a future neither man thought possible.

Aided by the magic of Christmas, a cozy cabin, and a lot of snow, Knox and Levi discover love is the greatest gift of all. Follow the twinkle lights to Bear Creek for a warm and furry holiday romance with a guaranteed happy ending! (Book 1 of the Holiday Mates series. Contains steamy M/M content.)



Nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Bear Creek is a mixed community of black bear shifters and their human mates. These stories are each built around a major holiday and include a mix of drama, sweet romance, angst, and some growly MM heat. HOLIDAY MATES—giving you a new reason to celebrate!

Weekly Roundup – Blast From The Past 2: A VALENTINE

Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome!

I just rediscovered this one mixed in with my early work. It’s a Valentines Day poem I wrote for my mother in 1976 – cheesy, sappy, and poorly executed. I still love to write rhyming verses but clearly poetry is not my strong point! In the next to last line you will see my mom referred to as “Moo”, and, no, it’s not a backhanded insult. While the exact origin remains buried in the mists of yesteryear, it was a term of endearment we all used for my mother. Unfortunately, Moo did leave me back in 2000. I’m still blue.


A Valentine

On this Valentine’s Day of ’76,

When hearts and thoughts and lovers mix,

I thought of you, ma, and what you’ve been,

Not just to me but all our kin.


We’ve been through a lot over all these years,

Many a problem and a bundle of tears,

But through it all we’ve learned so much,

By your lovely smile and caring touch.


I picture you a gentle dove,

My thoughts of you are all of love,

And if you ever leave me, Moo,

You better believe that I’ll be blue.


I completed at least one very important task last week by gathering and combining all of my notes and ideas for Forbidden Moon. The next step is to assemble them into rough chapter divisions and then start writing – something I wanted to have begun on the 1st but was sidetracked by dragons. Yes, I said dragons. I have a short story (and beyond) idea I can’t shake, so I’ve taken a short detour to see where the concept leads. If anything comes of it, you’ll be the first to know!

Sales of Traitor’s Moon have been steady but slow and I must admit to being disappointed. This book deserves so much more! If you are a fan of Freebooksy, you will see it listed this Sunday. I expect it to do well and hope it generates interest in Expectant Moon at the same time. If you happen to pick up a copy, please be kind enough to leave a review. Many thanks!