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  • The Post-Pandemic Future of Fiction

    We don’t know what the real future looks like yet, but it’s almost certain the world will not return to the way it was. What effect is this going to have on writers of fiction? I suppose works considered “contemporary” would almost have to reflect what’s really going on in our world, but should they? […]

  • Fantasy Maps – From Brain to Page

    My next book, Rise of the Draman, is a fantasy dragon tale set in medieval times. After writing began, I sketched out a rough map (we’re talking grade school quality here) to use as a reference point. Eventually, I ended up with four, detailing the kingdoms and places where most of the action took place. […]

  • Weekly Roundup: FICTION – It’s Good for Your Brain

    Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! Neuroscience has some good news for both readers and writers of fiction – really. “Your Brain on Fiction” by Annie Murphy appeared in 2012, but I wasn’t aware of the article until recently. “Brain scans are revealing what happens in our heads […]

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