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  • Weekly Roundup 12-26-18 Having Fun With Obsolete Words

    Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome! The English language has a boatload of obsolete words we rarely or never use, and I find it interesting to get reacquainted with some every now and then. Writers, take note of these gems and look for ways to put them back […]

  • Age-Revealing Words!

    I ran across an article the other day which reminded me once again of my age – not a pleasant topic of conversation considering my birthday is this week. Here’s a few words and phrases which will reveal your age: Fuddy Duddy  – Just say “old fart” and you’ll be understood. Dear John Letter – […]

  • The Odious Apostrophe

    The Odious Apostrophe   Apostrophe, Apostrophe, or should I say catastrophe? You make me nervous, angry, mean, You’re Satan’s punctuation scheme. I put you in and take you out, Confusion reigns, along with doubt. Unlike the period or comma, You thrive on messiness and drama. English would be much less rotten, If you could only […]

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