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  • Thanksgiving Musings 2020

    Uncomfortable. Challenging. Scary. Uncertain. These aren’t normally the words used to describe Thanksgiving, but the pandemic has turned the world on its head and it seems nothing will ever be “normal” again. Personally, things are not going as well as I might like! I am in the midst of an extended search for work (long […]

  • Galactic Neighborhood series review

    The Galactic neighborhood series has been out since last August, but I’m sure many of you haven’t yet read it. See what RSBProds, a Top 1000 Amazon reviewer had to say:   THE STARSHIP “EXPEDITION” ENCOUNTERS A DANGEROUS PREDICAMENT  by RSBProds on October 20, 2017 Four PERPLEXING Stars. Expedition is a fast-paced novel by talented […]

  • NEW RELEASE! Expectant Moon

    My latest book, Expectant Moon, is now available for purchase! Order from Amazon   Take a look at what others are saying: “Expectant Moon is everything a great shifter romance novel should be. Steamy scenes, fantastic drama and some very surprising new ideas. I loved this book and look forward to the second installment. This […]

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