Books in Process

Expectant Moon – The excitement builds as I work on my first paranormal wolf shifter story! To date, I have finished about 70% of the manuscript, and am eager for you to meet Ben, Evan, William, Jack and the others! This story spans time, embraces different generations, crosses national borders, and introduces shifter elements you’ve never seen before.

Most of the action takes place in Michigan’s upper peninsula. I believe using real places and actual details makes the story much more believable. It’s more time consuming to write this way, requiring a good bit of research, but my readers get a better book and it satisfies my penchant for realism.

I will be sharing more details and the beautiful cover art with you soon. Release date is tentatively set for February 1st, 2018!

HaardWear – Men of Retail – Book 2.  Come and see what’s happening at Haardwear, the new men’s clothing store everyone is talking about! This book in still in the development stage,  so I don’t expect to release it until May, 2018.

Second Editions – All of my published books have now been revised, based on reader feedback (yes, I pay attention to what you tell me!). New formats and spacing will make my books easier to read on mobile devices of all kinds. Spelling and punctuation errors were corrected, and new content was added to Expedition. Allow me to explain.

Some readers were confused about why the Vingah, who had incredible technology at their disposal,  were unable to evacuate their home planet of Khrusos. I introduced a couple pages of additional text which explains this conundrum, and it is my hope readers will be less confused. (It is humbling to learn that just because it makes sense to ME, doesn’t mean everyone else automatically gets it!)

New Cover – Check out the revised cover for Second Chance Earth! While I love the original, I wanted to appeal to a broader audience, and I think the new one does it very well. I am blessed to have secured the services of Marianne Nowicki at Premade eBook Cover Shop to create all my covers for me. Check out her website HERE.

New Sci-Fi – The success of my Galactic Neighborhood books means I need to start working on ideas for a new Sci-Fi series for 2018 and beyond. Many readers are asking for more books in the GN series, and I am waiting for inspiration on possible sequels. No promises mind you, but I will let you know when I figure it out.

Question? Comments? Drop me a line HERE.