Books in Process

Traitor’s Moon – Gladstone Shifters Book 2

It’s slow going, but book 2 is beginning to take shape. There is a LOT of information which needs to be brought forward into the second book, including old and new characters and plot threads. It’s so overwhelming I have to force myself to write! Sounds strange, I know, but it’s such a monumental task, plus the fear of not living up to the first book which readers seem to love. I don’t think the average person has any idea what an author goes through to produce a great story – I know I certainly didn’t!

Anyway, I have some great characters, drama, intrigue and romance coming your way. As requested by a faithful reader, (thanks Karen) the Gladstone pack will be getting a Doctor! It won’t be all sunshine and roses this time either, as Lyle Wilburn turns up the heat. I’m going to enjoy fixing his little red wagon.

The subsequent Gladstone books will not truly be stand-alones, as there is way too much detail and back story in Expectant Moon to rehash it in all the others. I will give the reader some tidbits of background as reminders, but the best way to enjoy the series will be to start at the beginning and keep going. At this point, I’m looking at a trilogy, but depending on feedback and new ideas, there could be more. What I won’t do is crank out so-so stories just to extend the series. There has to be enough interesting details, along with the romance to keep me, and my readers, engaged.


HaardWear – Retail Men Book 2.  This project in on HOLD. I’m sorry to say that this book will have to be put off longer than I originally intended. My apologies to those are waiting for the next Retail Men story to be released. It is entirely possible I will be adding significant new material to Green’s Thumb, and if I do, will want to complete and re-release that book before moving on to Haardwear.


New Sci-Fi – I am toying with ideas for a new series or perhaps a serial of a dozen short stories with a common theme. I have some great stuff just itching to be used! The idea is to offer the stories for free here on my website or perhaps as incentives to join my reader list. Once I have enough, I’ll gather them together in one volume so everyone can enjoy them. I still have NO idea when I will have the time to write any of it!


More Paranormal/Mythical – Somewhere down the line I intend to introduce some dragon or dragon shifter stories. But that’s not all! I have ideas for other creatures such as bear and cat shifters, elves, fairies, brownies, genies, giants, and unicorns. I’m eager to write about all of them!


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