Books in Process

Current project: RISE OF THE DRAMAN.


This five-story collection is now complete! Once the editing process is finished, I hope to publish in Jan/Feb of 2020 . Check back for updates!

(See my dedicated book page for more information.)


Next Project:

Forbidden Moon, Gladstone Shifters Book 3.

Yes! I have finally made a decision regarding my next book. I paused the series earlier in the year because I was tired of it and needed a break. I received this note from a fan recently, prompting me to make a commitment:

“I was highly looking forward to Forbidden Moon! I’ve just recently found you on Kindle Unlimited, and I’m hooked. Please finish it!!!!!!!”

 The plot for book three was set up in Traitor’s Moon, so I already have the basic bones laid out. I don’t work with highly detailed outlines, so I really don’t know how the story will unfold until I write it. I can tell you that the Gladstone family will be facing new challenges and welcoming new mates to the pack. Updates will be provided here as I go along, so check back for progress reports!

This third installment may be the last, but I will have to wait and see how it turns out. What I won’t do is cheat my readers with a lukewarm story just so I can say I wrote another one. If a compelling plot idea presents itself, there may be a book 4!


Future Projects:

Scattered Humanity

I envision this as a series of shorter Sci-Fi stories with a common theme loosely linking them together. Cool aliens, awesome ships, and humans in distress. Space opera in delicious bites!


Curiosity Shoppe

Also a series of shorter works, though the stories will be a mix of genres, including fantasy, paranormal, Sci-Fi, and romance. Come on in and pick up a little something to take home. Every customer is guaranteed to get more than their money’s worth! And what about that mysterious shop keeper and her “cat”?

Holidays anyone?

I have toyed with the idea of  something seasonal for Christmas or Valentines. It would require a lot of advance planning to get it written, edited and launched at the appropriate time, but it’s a good back-burner idea. There’s certainly no lack of romance ideas in my files!


My Galactic Neighborhood novels need revision, editing and new covers. I have no idea when I will have the time or money to pursue this project. Meanwhile, the books will be available as-is.


RECONSIDERING: Retail Men series

Green’s Thumb, too, requires an overhaul – including significant new material and a new cover. It is also possible I will relaunch it as a stand-alone and start a new series with older characters. Reader feedback tells me fans really appreciated a 50+ gay romance, and there aren’t a lot of books out there for this demographic.


More Paranormal/Fantasy – Future books may include bear and cat shifters, elves, fairies, brownies, genies, giants, merfolk, cupids, and unicorns. I’m eager to write about all of them! (some of these ideas may show up in the Curiosity Shoppe series – see note above)


Types of stories I won’t write

You’ll have to find a different author if you are looking for books with angels, demons, witches, vampires, or zombies. They just aren’t my cup of tea.


Out of Print

My first novel, Second Chance Earth is no longer available for purchase. Why? See my blog post for the explanation.



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