Books in Process

Expectant Moon – My first paranormal wolf shifter story is beginning to take shape! Currently, I have finished about one third of the manuscript. It’s amazing how much research goes into each of my books – most if it little things a reader wouldn’t think twice about. For me, the story is so much more believable if I use real places and actual details, rather than make everything up, but it takes more time to write this way. I was hoping for a release by year’s end, but it doesn’t look like I can finish by then. My book distributor is shutting down, which means a lot of my time will be spent switching to another company. (See my blog post of 11-16-17 for the details).

HaardWear – Men of Retail – Book 2.  Come and see what’s happening at Haardwear, the new men’s clothing store everyone is talking about! This book in still in the development stage,  so I don’t expect to release it until late Spring,  2018.

Revisions – All of my published books need minor revisions and corrections as I become aware of various errors. This is one of the things (besides working FT) which cuts into my writing time for new material. My readers have been great  about pointing out issues I need to address. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

New Sci-Fi – The success of my Galactic Neighborhood books means I need to start working on ideas for a new Sci-Fi series for 2018. No details available yet, but I will let you know when I figure it out.