Books in Process

Expectant Moon – Gladstone Shifters Book 1 The book is finished!!! My apologies for the string of delays which have pushed the release date out even further. This one took me seven months to complete and ended up being the longest book I have written to date at almost 111,000 words.

I’m eager for you to meet Ben, Evan, William, Jack and the others! This story spans time, embraces different generations, crosses national borders, and introduces shifter elements you’ve never seen before. 

Most of the action takes place in Michigan’s upper peninsula. I believe using real places and actual details makes the story much more believable. It’s more time consuming to write this way, requiring a good bit of research, but my readers get a better book and it satisfies my penchant for realism.

Check out my “Introducing Expectant Moon” blog post for more details. The book is currently in the hands of my beta readers. When they finish, I will be busy making corrections to the manuscript for several days before it can be published. Release date is tentatively set for April 27, 2018!


HaardWear – Retail Men Book 2.  This project in on HOLD.

I’m sorry to say that this book will have to be put off longer than I originally intended. Why? Well…by trial and error I have found it’s better to finish a series while the details are still fresh in my mind. I have spent many months developing the backstory for Expectant Moon, and early feedback has convinced me to expand it from one book to at least three. It will be well into 2019 before I can squeeze in the time to work on anything else. My apologies to those are waiting for the next Retail Men story to be released. My stand-alone books keep turning into series!


New Sci-Fi – I am toying with the idea of creating a new series or perhaps a serial of a dozen short stories with a common theme. I have some great ideas just itching to be used! I won’t be able to begin working on it until this time next year or even later, as I am committed to writing at least two more in the Gladstone Shifters series first.



If you would like to know when I am ready to release my next book, simply send me a request and I will add you to the list! Question? Comments? Drop me a line HERE.