Books in Process

Current project: RISE OF THE DRAMAN.

This series of fantasy novelettes is set in the middle ages and includes orphans, dragons, and a kingdom at risk. I am hoping to write at least five stories while Croft is still a child. Later books may feature his adventures as a teen! (Appropriate for ages 10 though adult.)

Book 1 – Dragon Child

Check out my blog for the first installment entitled DRAGON CHILD. This FREE story won’t be found anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time. Don’t miss it!

The kingdom of Spiredale, known for it’s reserves of gold and a nest of dragons, is also home to a little orphan boy named Croft. When his curiosity leads to a life changing encounter, he becomes the endangered kingdom’s only chance for survival. Will Croft lose the only home he’s ever known or is this the beginning of something new? Dragon Child.

Book 2 – Dragon Valley

The first installment of four was released on May 29th – start reading today!

Through his blood bond with a dragon, Croft becomes the first Draman – able to communicate directly with the mighty mountain beasts. Now, King Augustus wants to create a new home for orphans who may serve both the kingdom and the nest. As construction begins, Croft’s disturbing past threatens to undo their carefully laid plans. Will the grand experiment end before it even starts? Find out in Dragon Valley!

Book 3 – Dragon Bonds

Story number three is under construction! Stay tuned for more adventures with Croft and the dragons of Spiredale.



ON HOLD: Forbidden Moon, Gladstone Shifters Book 3.

With dragons on my mind, and a bit burned out from the first two books, I am taking a sabbatical from the third Gladstone Shifters novel. I intend to write it, but I needed a break!


Curiosity Shoppe – 2020?

After Forbidden Moon is finished, my intention (which could change) is to begin writing a series of mixed-genre short stories, all tied together under a common theme. I’ll finally get to use some of the wonderful ideas gathering dust in my files which don’t lend themselves to novelization.  One idea is to offer the stories for free here on my website or for promotional purposes. Once I have enough, I’ll gather them together in one volume and sell it as a collection. Another possibility is to publish several collections, each with a smaller number of stories. This project promises to be a lot of fun!


Holidays anyone? Yeah, even though I don’t personally celebrate a December holiday, I’ve been thinking about writing something seasonal. To do that, I would have to finish it far in advance and be ready to publish it in October. Not sure when I can get to it, but it’s a good back-burner idea.


Though I hated to do it, Second Chance Earth is no longer available for purchase. Why? It was the first book I wrote, and I made many serious mistakes which have resulted in some poor reviews and sales. I love the story, characters and main plot points, but the writing and editing are weak. As is, the book is not helping me reach my goals as an author, nor is it giving my readers the quality they deserve. The story needs major work, a new cover, and most likely a new title. Anything less would end up under-performing again, and I can’t afford the dead weight. Conversely, I have neither the time or money to tackle this project. Will the story ever reappear? I hope so, but have no idea when.


As with Second Chance Earth, my first Galactic Neighborhood book, Expedition, is also in need of revision and editing. Again, it was one of my early books, and I didn’t know any better! Now that I do, I can recognize the mistakes which need to be corrected, but I have the same problem of no time or money to rework it. It needs to be done, but if I tackle the project, I will not pull the book entirely, rather, I will make the necessary corrections and simply upload the new version. Unfortunately, the entire series needs better covers, too, and that’s a big chunk of change!


HaardWear – Retail Men Book 2.  This project in on HOLD. I’m sorry to say that this book will have to be put off longer than I originally intended. One of the benefits of waiting is that the idea is still percolating in the back of my mind, adding fresh ideas to the story line. My apologies to those are waiting for the next Retail Men story to be released. It is entirely possible I will be adding significant new material to Green’s Thumb, and if I do, I’ll want to complete and re-release that book before moving on to Haardwear.

It is also a possible I may change the series from the Retail Men theme to one of of older characters; perhaps the Mature Men series or something similar. (If you like that idea, let me know.) Why would I change it? Reader feedback has shown a tremendous positive response to my senior characters, and there are very few realistic gay romances for men over fifty. I think it’s worth considering, though I have no firm timetable in mind.


More Paranormal/Fantasy – While the Rise of the Draman series is being written now, I have ideas for other creatures such as bear and cat shifters, elves, fairies, brownies, genies, giants, merfolk, cupids, and unicorns. I’m eager to write about all of them! (some of these ideas may show up in the Curiosity Shoppe series – see note above)


Types of stories I won’t write.

You’ll have to find a different author if you are looking for books with angels, demons, witches, vampires, or zombies. They just aren’t my cup of tea.


If you would like to know when I am ready to release my next book, simply send me a request and I will add you to the list.

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