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I’m done writing – time for a happy dance! The book is now in the hands of my Beta Readers, and I await their feedback. After that, I will make needed corrections and do a final edit and read-through. Then I need to add front and back matter and format the MS before submitting it to Amazon.

Meanwhile, I’ll need to craft the blurb (book description), send out ARC requests, and submit the copyright application. When all of that is done, the release date will be set (probably mid-November), and the book will be placed on pre-order. Even then, there’s more work to do before the next project begins, such as cleaning up the files, making note of future story ideas, and updating the series manual.

The average reader may be unaware of this behind-the-scenes activity! That’s understandable, since all they see is the finished product. At the moment, I feel a great sense of relief. Next is the anticipation phase leading up to the actual book release. Last comes the joy of reader feedback and (hopefully) sales. By that time, I will already be starting the process over again with the next book.

Check back here for more information and progress reports!


I am pleased to announce that Rise of the Draman is now available in paperback at the following retailers: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Kobo Plus, Vivlio, and Library suppliers Tolino, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, and BorrowBox.

Pick up a copy to read to the children in your life, or purchase as a gift for middle grade kids. You also may want to purchase and then donate the book to your local school or community library. Help spread the word!

Future Projects:

ELDER MOON – Gladstone Shifters Book 5

The plan is to begin writing Elder Moon as soon as I have Bear Creek Christmas all wrapped up (see above). There are still some plot points to work out, and the task ahead is daunting. While I love this series, each book seems to leave me more exhausted than the last. The stories are complicated, difficult to write, and take six to nine months to complete. Will Elder Moon be the last? Honestly, I don’t know. There are numerous things to consider and a lot will depend on how this one goes. Stay tuned!


Scattered Humanity

I envision this as a series of Sci-Fi novels or novellas with a common backstory linking them together. Cool aliens, awesome new worlds, and humans in distress. You won’t believe some of the awesome stuff I have planned. Great space opera without all the singing!


Curiosity Shoppe

This will be a series of shorter works with a mix of genres: fantasy, paranormal, Sci-Fi, and romance. Pay a visit to the shoppe and pick up a little something to take home. Every customer is guaranteed to get more than their money’s worth! And what about that mysterious shopkeeper and her “cat”? Irresistible reading in delicious bites!


Canceled – Retail Men Series

Green’s Thumb is now a standalone, but it, too, would benefit from an overhaul – including significant new material. It remains available for purchase as-is for now. (Cover was changed in June of 2020).

Reader feedback tells me fans really appreciated the older characters in Green’s Thumb, as there aren’t a lot of books out there for this demographic. I’m actively gathering information for future silver romances with characters over 50, whether stand-alones or a series. There is no set timeline for this project.


More Paranormal/Fantasy – Future books may include bear and cat shifters, elves, fairies, brownies, genies, giants, merfolk, cupids, and unicorns. I’m eager to write about all of them! (some of these ideas may show up in the Curiosity Shoppe series – see note above).


Types of stories I won’t write

You’ll have to find a different author if you are looking for books with angels, demons, witches, vampires, or zombies. They just aren’t my cup of tea.


Out of Print

My first novel, Second Chance Earth is no longer available for purchase. Why? See my blog post for the explanation.



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