Laughter is the best medicine


Look, how many times do I need to remind you? Six feet – now back off!



Hold on! You DID wash your hands, right??



It’s scary out there!



What?! I’ve been watching Gilligan’s Island reruns all day!




What do you mean, we’re out of toilet paper?



I can’t take any more…



I’m staying right here until this is all over.


I know, there’s nothing funny about this epidemic. People are dying, losing their livelihoods, suffering from depression, are stressed to the max, and there’s no clear end in sight. On the other hand, we have a choice to laugh or cry and today I wanted to laugh!

I don’t know your situation, though I hope you are healthy and staying as upbeat as possible while the world goes cattywompus. I’m still working, which is a financial blessing, but I risk exposure every day. I’m very grateful for my writing, as it’s keeping me busy and sidetracked from the news and overall stress. So far, my kids and extended family are all OK.

A lot depends on how long the restrictions are in place and whether or not they come up with a vaccine. Now, there’s talk about one or more resurgences of the virus and that it’s going to be another year or two before things get back to normal. Will they though? Seems to me they never really will, which means we all have to get used whatever the “new normal” looks like. Ah well – one day at a time.

Hugs from me to you!

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2 responses to “Laughter is the best medicine”

  1. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

    Sometimes I think the new normal after all this will probably be a better normal, at least for a while. More people will work from home, reducing carbon emissions. Maybe we’ll wash our hands better, be more ok with wearing masks, have more leniency to stay home when sick (that last one probably the most important but also least likely to happen). These methods can cut down on any disease, not just Covid.

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      It could be and I hope you are right. Given selfish and stubborn human nature, some folks will continue to fight any restrictions to their way of life with no concern for the greater good. I guess we’ll see what happens if/when this thing resurges or returns next year!

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