Who said that?!

Warning – this post is an attempt to distract you from current events. Read at your own risk.

I love collecting quotes. Whenever I run across something worthwhile I jot it down (because heaven knows my memory is an untrustworthy stinker). The following mashup comes from a variety of sources. Citation is provided when known.


“Imagination is wasted without a creative outlet.”

“There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.” Charles Dickens

“Rip was so straight you could level a picture frame with him.”

“The feeling flitted across my mind like the shadow of a bird, but it never stayed to sing.” Neenah Ellis

“The best way to a man’s heart is through his mother.”

“Right…Stun the bitches tits off and apologize later.” James Gardner

“The room looked as if it were channeling its inner museum.”

Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay.” Christopher Hitchens

“Just like a zit, she kept popping up – unwanted and refusing to disappear.”

“You’re not old as long as there’s a little bit of whipper left in your snapper!” Hallmark

“It was a wet, burbly sound, like a fart with attitude. The equivalent of a rectal raspberry.”

“I wouldn’t trust them to organize a drinking party in a distillery.” David Weber

“Nothing like a a little judicious levity.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


Author update – The upheaval caused by Covid-19 affects all of us, even if we remain healthy. I am still working, despite the stay at home order now in effect, and, so far, my immediate family is weathering the storm just fine. A friend recently lamented that the world will be forever changed, and I must agree. We have an opportunity to learn, grow, and change for the better, but will we?

My current project is keeping me busy, and providing a blessed distraction! Rise of the Draman is undergoing a final beta read and I am closing in on a publication date. As usual, I’m struggling with the book description and having an awful time of it. So much to say with so little space! A dozen different ways to approach it, yet which one will hook the potential reader?

I didn’t write this book with any specific purpose in mind. Somehow, it turned out to be chock full of timely lessons for what is happening right now, including adversity, sacrifice, love, unity, and the greater good. Getting it out there ASAP is my goal, and I hope it proves to be both entertaining and helpful. Book launch is tentatively set for the middle of April.

Wishing you peace and safety, my friends.



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9 responses to “Who said that?!”

  1. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

    That may be the best Hallmark quote I’ve ever seen, unless you include some of the accidental humor from their terrible Christmas specials.

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      Ha! My sister sent me that one for my last birthday. The image on the front was of a crotchety old turtle! I was able to repay the sentiment on HER birthday.

      1. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

        Haha! Nice playback.

        Best birthday payback I know is from my mom’s best friend. Now, these folk are really, *really* backwoods, so don’t judge too hard.

        She had a printer make signs that said “LORDY, LORDY, [Name here] IS 40!” and put them up in her brother’s yard. People came to visit and poke at him, so he took down the signs and plotted his revenge.

        One day, my mom’s friend checked her mail and found a letter from her brother and a couple pictures. The pictures were of her working naked in her garden or just sitting on the porch, and the letter said, “If you ever do something like that birthday trick again, this goes up on signs all over the county.”

        Needless to say, no more jokes were had!

      2. Alexander Elliott Avatar
        Alexander Elliott

        Good heavens! I don’t think I would ever go that far! Besides, I have EIGHT sisters, and they would gang up on me if I ever tried a stunt like that. It certainly was effective though. BTW, why oh why was she naked? Is this a southern thing?!

      3. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

        I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing – but it’s probably a rural thing. If there’s no one to see you, why wear clothes and make more laundry?

      4. Alexander Elliott Avatar
        Alexander Elliott

        Several reasons – bug bites, sunburn, saggy & wrinkled body parts, arrest for public indecency…

      5. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

        Lol there’s no cops that far out

  2. lynnefisher Avatar

    I think the first quote does it for me, remembering how I did a lot of thinking and feeling without any outlets and what a relief it was when I discovered them! Book blurbs are hell to write, aren’t they? But I’m sure you’ll manage it and good going with your pressing on with the publishing process – the right thing to do. You’ve made me realise that my WIP is kind of relevant to the current crisis in that it’s about a midlife crisis and re-evaluting one’s life, asking questions, when the inner spirit has had enough of the current life pattern. Hmm, I think you’ve helped my motivation, Alexander. Stay safe :>)

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      Thanks Lynn! Glad my words meant something to you. If our current situation doesn’t cause people to ask questions and re-evaluate, I don’t know what will. Keep writing and take care. Hugs!

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