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The driveway was cold and wet, but this time I wasn’t leaving until Grant came outside. He knew I was there – I could see him peeking through the wispy curtains at the kitchen window. I’d made my grand gesture days ago, revealing my true self, and he’d run away. I couldn’t blame him for being afraid. I mean, when was the last time someone turned into a fox before your eyes? Not just any someone, but the person you’d been dating, the one you wanted, the one who loved you back.

If he could overcome his fear and doubt we had a chance. If not, I’d have to let him go. Give him the freedom to start over with another. Allow my heart to break.

I could hear him moving inside before the door opened. Tentative, he stepped out, dressed warmly and carrying a red apple. The fruit distracted me for a moment until I realized he was cautiously approaching. I remained still, watching his face intently for signs of fear. His heart thudded faster than usual, but I’d seen that determined look on his face before. I followed his movements until he reached me, crouched down, and set the apple near my front paws.

I wasn’t certain if this was a peace offering or a test of some kind. I ate the fruit – watching him watch me. Licking my muzzle clean, I waited for his next move. Though trembling, he extended his hand for me to sniff, as one would do for a dog. I complied, enjoying his unique scent, and then licked the underside of his wrist – something I’d often done in human form. Startled, he snatched his hand back and stared at me; wonder mixed with confusion. Finally, he spoke.

“Babe… is it really you?”

Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander Elliott lives in the upper Midwest and is the author of books in multiple genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance. His work is replete with themes of love, passion, family, humor, hope, and acceptance. The author is known for masterful storytelling and creative world-building. His books feature realistic, well-developed characters, emotional depth, sizzling romance, and all the adventure, action, and intrigue necessary for a great read. If you have enjoyed his work, Alexander would love to hear from you! Email: Website:

5 thoughts on “Photo Prompt – SHIFTER”

    1. Sort of. My published works are about wolf shifters, and telling humans is verboten! I have plans for other shifter books – bears, big cats, dragons. Every author has their own take on shifter rules, special powers, etc. and not all of them are romances. I absolutely love the fox photo and couldn’t help using it for a quick shifter story!

      1. Lol! You keep doing you! It seems shifters is an important fantasy/story for you, and it’s great that you’ve found something so inspiring.

      2. I love this photo (and the shifter reveal!). My daughter had a fox family move in near their chicken coop last spring and they fed them eggs all season until the babies grew up and moved away. They’re getting rare around there so they enjoyed having them around and watching the little ones play and grow

      3. I wish I had taken the photo myself, but I’ve only ever seen a fox in nature one time, and it was from a distance. I love the image, too! Thanks for stopping by!

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