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Back in 2000 I received a humorous email from a co-worker with a bunch of dog haiku’s. I have no idea who wrote them and certainly cannot be held responsible for quality or accuracy issues! Then, as now, this is for all you dog lovers out there. Enjoy! (Photos courtesy of Pexels)

I lie belly up

In the sunshine, happier than

You will ever be.



Today I sniffed

Many dog behinds – I celebrate

By kissing your face.



I sound the alarm!

Paper boy – come to kill us all

Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!



 I sound the alarm!

Garbage man -come to kill us all

Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!



How do I love thee?

The ways are as numberless as

My hairs on the rug.



My human is home!

I am so ecstatic I have

Made a puddle.



I hate my choke chain

Look world, they strangle me! Ack!

Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack!



Sleeping here, my chin

On your foot – no greater bliss – well

Maybe catching rats.



 Look in my eyes and

Deny it. No human could

Love you as much as I do.



The cat is not all

Bad – she fills the litter box

With tootsie rolls.



Dig under the fence – why?

Because it is there. Because it’s

There. Because it’s there.



I am your best friend

Now, always, and especially

When you are eating.




Current project – OK, so here’s the deal. I’m stuck on the final chapter or so of Dragon Rescue. Not only has my available writing time been drastically reduced, but the end of the book simply MUST be an exciting thrill ride. I mean, the climax has been building for 20,000+ words so I can’t mess it up. No pressure! NO PRESSURE AT ALL!!!

The good news is that I’m almost done with the rescue, and then I can relax a bit and wrap up all the loose story threads. I enjoy this part, but it, too, is very important since it’s the end of the five-book series. I want the group to stand as a completed tale, especially if I don’t end up writing any more in the future.

As always, there are a number of new story ideas competing for dominance in my little brain – “Pick me! Write my story next! Don’t listen to them – I’m the best choice!” Lately it’s been romance, and while the ideas are intriguing, I have other commitments. Once the Rise of the Draman series is done, I intend to go back over them with a fine tooth comb to repair, improve, and add new content. Most likely, it’s going to take me until the end of the year and then I will publish (assuming I have the money). After that, despite the pesky voices, I have plans for 2020. I’ll fill you in on the details later…

Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander grew up in the Midwest, was compelled to attend private school, and ended up with an eclectic career. He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. When not working to pay the bills, he loves to read, watch Star Trek, and laugh at Calvin and Hobbs cartoons. He also enjoys long baths, country music, nature photography, cooking and keeping up with his large family. Until recently, his writing included unpublished stories, music, poetry and drama scripts. Writing his first novel in 2016 changed everything, and he struggles to balance a boatload of ideas with very little time. His favorite genres include science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and romance. The author strives to create imaginative, generally upbeat stories with happy endings, making sure the bad guys get their comeuppance. He considers reading a chance to get away from it all and invites you to join him. If you enjoy Alexander’s work, he would love to hear from you. aelliottbooks@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup – DOG HAIKU”

  1. The very last haiku especially speaks about my dog! Whenever me or my partner get out some food, we say, “I’m about to get a new best friend.”

    Is the expensive part of publishing getting it edited, a professional cover, etc?

  2. HA! I had a lab who would sell his soul for a morsel of food. Labs are known for being chow hounds.

    I do all the editing myself, so the expenses are copyright application, cover art, and marketing. I need a bare minimum of $400 to launch a single title, and then there are ongoing marketing costs on top of that. I’m talking about a bargain-basement book launch here, and even then, I don’t really know what I’m doing – which means it won’t be all that effective. None of my promos in the last year have paid for themselves, let alone provided anything extra. My budget is very tight, so I simply can’t afford to rack up credit card debt to pay for my books. A nasty catch-22.

    At some point I would like to try a Patreon account, but I would need content to give away to subscribers. That takes more time than I have at present, so again, I’m caught in dead end cycle. I wish I could afford to pay a service to do all the technical stuff that every author is supposed to do. Most of it I don’t understand or can’t afford. It’s very discouraging at times, and I may not be famous until after I’m dead! For now, I am compelled to continue because I love telling stories so much.

    Thanks for asking. This writer journey gets awfully lonely sometimes…

  3. These are fantastic! I certainly hope things align correctly…the world needs more Alexander Elliott. I do so love your sci fi writings

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Sci-fi is such a rich and flexible genre, and I have all kinds of ideas. Wish I had the time to write them all up. Check out my Galactic Neighborhood series for more!

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