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The letter arrived shortly before the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s disappearance. We’d always been very close and his sudden absence from my life left me bewildered and lonely. He vanished like a fart in the wind, as he used to say, and no one could explain what happened. No body, no note, nothing.

I discovered the plain white envelope mixed in with my usual mail, no stamp or return address, and handwritten with a familiar script. If this was a joke, it wasn’t funny, and my hands trembled as I carefully sliced it open. For a fleeting moment I imagined him getting word to me he’d run off with a rich widow to some foreign country and was having the time of his life. What was in the enclosed letter was more fanciful by far and I had to sit down to keep from falling over. 

My dear James,

 Forgive me for leaving you so abruptly, but it could not be helped. In a few days time you will have a chance to see me again, but it will require you to leave everything behind and start anew. Despite what you are about to read, this is not the babblings of a crazy old man!

Remember the grand sundial I was so fond of in Centennial park? Quite by accident, I discovered it is actually a portal to another place and time. When the dial reads between noon and one o’clock, you have only to slip into the shadow behind it and you will be transported. There are wonders you cannot imagine, and I long to share them with you.

I cannot be certain there will be another opportunity like this, so if you decide to come, be there Saturday without fail. I beg you, set your affairs in order and come to me, James! Destroy this letter and tell no one what you intend to do.

 If you choose to remain, know that I love you with all my heart. Be happy, my boy, and remember me.


 I read the letter through several times before putting it down. Even as I acknowledged the far-fetched madness of it all, my mind was busy. If anyone could have found a way to leave this crazy world in such an unconventional fashion, it was my grandfather! He certainly sounded happier than I’d ever know him, yet he wanted me with him. How could I disappoint the old man?

Saturday turned out to be a lovely day for an adventure…

Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander grew up in the Midwest, was compelled to attend private school, and ended up with an eclectic career. He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. When not working to pay the bills, he loves to read, watch Star Trek, and laugh at Calvin and Hobbs cartoons. He also enjoys long baths, country music, nature photography, cooking and keeping up with his large family. Until recently, his writing included unpublished stories, music, poetry and drama scripts. Writing his first novel in 2016 changed everything, and he struggles to balance a boatload of ideas with very little time. His favorite genres include science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and romance. The author strives to create imaginative, generally upbeat stories with happy endings, making sure the bad guys get their comeuppance. He considers reading a chance to get away from it all and invites you to join him. If you enjoy Alexander’s work, he would love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Photo Prompt – FOLLOW ME”

  1. This story brought me many feels. I’m currently estranged from my own dad (some really bad stuff happened) and sometimes worry about what’ll happen to him or how he’s doing. It’s a concern of mine what will happen as he gets older and less capable of caring for himself, or when he has to look to the great beyond.

    1. I guess you never know how a story will resonate with readers. I’m so sorry about your situation. My parents are both gone now and I was not close to my Dad. I tried to avoid his mistakes with my own kids and trust they will be there for me when I reach the end. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Just collecting boxes and sorting stuff at this point. Actual moving day is November 2! How’s your preparation going??

      2. I’m going to have to have a big talk with the boss soon about where to cut off the data. I’ve got a couple experiments left that I need to do, but I think I’m going to have to say the thesis is done and I have to turn it in after it’s edited. I don’t think it’s fair to turn it in late to the committee, not when it’s 400 pages long.

      3. Holy smokes! I can’t imagine how much work you have put into this already. It will all be over in October, right? Will the advanced degree change your work situation? Are you going to get all rich and snooty? Will people have to bow in obeisance before you??

      4. Well, I do have to get a job now, lol. I wouldn’t say my prospects are entirely *better,* as PhD’s in my field don’t typically have greater lifetime earnings than those with a bachelor’s. I wanted it, though, because I only have 1 life, right?

        I will insist on being “Dr. Gorman” (or my real last name) to some peopke, haha.

  2. You have every right to be proud of your accomplishment. I hope it all goes well and you find a satisfying position. I also hope you will have more time to write when this is all over! All the best, H.

  3. I wonder how many people got accidentally transported over the years while just trying to find a shady spot!

    1. HA! Certainly a possibility, but I’d like to think they are all well and happy. Thanks for commenting!

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