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I watched my adopted human leave in a primitive conveyance, abandoned once more in her box-like dwelling. In just a few more days my observations would be complete and I could escape this torture, returning to the comfort of the ship. I was certain no one would believe my report, for how could things have changed so drastically in only a few thousand years? Had it not been for the crisis on Whiska, requiring a hasty retreat, we would never have left in the first place.

In Egypt, the humans worshipped and pampered us as we ruled alongside the great Pharaohs. They built statues and created great works of art in our honor, fed us sumptuous meals, and included us in their religious ceremonies. Now, there was no trace of our ancestors and the humans regarded “cats” as mere pets! Our distant cousins are locked up inside, fed canned food, amused with cheap toys, and know nothing of the universe except for this tiny backward planet.

Earth will have to be abandoned permanently, as it is too late to repair the damage and return to our former glory. Perhaps on another world, with other beings, we will find partners worthy of our greatness.

Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander Elliott lives in the upper Midwest and is the author of books in multiple genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance. His work is replete with themes of love, passion, family, humor, hope, and acceptance. The author is known for masterful storytelling and creative world-building. His books feature realistic, well-developed characters, emotional depth, sizzling romance, and all the adventure, action, and intrigue necessary for a great read. If you have enjoyed his work, Alexander would love to hear from you! Email: Website:

5 thoughts on “Photo Prompt – CAT’S EYE”

  1. This made me laugh. Finally seeing into the thoughts of a cat and knowing that they did indeed rule the world. Nice move, mentioning Egyptian times. Next step: how to blow this pop stand!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Dogs probably aren’t much different, but they at least PRETEND to love us!

    1. More of a dog person, though I’ve lived with cats a number of times over the years. They are fascinating critters, but a bit too unpredictable and feisty for my taste!

      The cat in the photo, Sam, was smart, gentle, playful and neat. Just my kind of guy! He LOVED watching the birds in the bushes outside that window, catnip, laser pointers, and paper grocery bags (either in one or on it). He’s long gone now, but if I had a cat, it would be one like Sam.

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