Dragon Quest – The Traveling Draman is the fourth installment in my series of  fantasy novelettes. This FREE serialized story won’t be found anywhere else, and you get to see it first!

Croft and Rueloo journey to a far away land, seeking information about their special bond. Along the way, they meet new dragons, make friends, and arrive to find a nation on the brink of war. Caught up in Pinnacle’s problems, the two become pawns in a dangerous game of conquest. Follow Croft and Rueloo on an exciting DRAGON QUEST

Author’s Note – the books must be read in order to be understood, beginning with DRAGON CHILD, DRAGON VALLEY, and DRAGON BONDS. Get started!

Dragon Quest by Alexander Elliott

First Edition     Copyright © 2019
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
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Three months ago, in the far away Kingdom of Whitehaven

The king was dead. Thrown from a skittish horse, the beloved monarch’s sudden demise plunged his family and people into sorrow. The neighboring kingdoms were equally grieved at his passing, having enjoyed peaceful and profitable relations during his reign. The queen and her youngest son, Merek, were inconsolable, while the crown prince, Favian, remained unusually quiet and pensive.

Most believed he was simply mourning his father’s untimely death or felt overwhelmed by royal obligations. Privately, he considered his father a bumbling fool who mismanaged the kingdom and undermined the power of his position. Favian vowed he would make no such mistake and started by replacing his father’s trusted advisers in favor of those who appreciated a strong and decisive leader.

Together, they began making changes to strengthen the throne’s power, expand Whitehaven’s borders, and deal swiftly with unsavory neighbors – especially the powerful and meddlesome nation of Pinnacle. Favian feared the dragons, resented their greedy acquisition of gold, and was repulsed by the unnatural half-dragon people he contemptuously called “scalies”. The once-close relationship with Pinnacle became one of the first victims of the new king’s leadership, causing bewilderment and a mutual mistrust.

The relationship with his mother and brother deteriorated quickly, as they argued against many of Favian’s decisions. The king had little tolerance for those who disagreed with him, and palace gossips whispered of plans to permanently silence them. A month into his reign, the issue took a shocking turn when a horrific fire consumed the queen’s cottage. While Merek could not prove her death at his brother’s hands, he began making plans of his own to avoid a similar fate. Whitehaven’s future now lay in the hands of a despot, and no one could predict where his leadership might take them.


Chapter 1

The royal palace at Rose, present day (July)

A steady stream of petitioners kept Augustus busy through the morning hours, and he breathed a sigh of relief when the last one exited the throne room. As he stood to leave, the Doorman hurried in with an apologetic look on his face and gave a perfunctory bow.

“Forgive the intrusion, Sire. Captain Barda has arrived, desiring an audience.”

Such a request by his chief naval officer meant he brought important news. The meeting with his advisers would have to wait, and Augustus reseated himself on the throne.

“Very well. Show him in and inform the others I shall be briefly detained.”

Following Thorn’s nearly-successful invasion, Augustus invested heavily in his armed forces, both on land and sea. The navy now boasted more trade vessels and a fleet of sturdy ships for defense. Spiredale’s gold mines made it a lucrative target, and an enemy invasion by sea became a real possibility. Thus far, the biggest threat came from pirates, and the king’s navy was busy hunting down a particularly vicious band who infested the waters in the spring.

Barda stopped before the throne, bowed, and waited to be addressed.

“Do thee come bearing good news, captain?”

Barda’s self-satisfied smile gave him away.

“I do, Thy Majesty. Another pirate vessel has been taken – the very one we have sought for some time. The ship and its surviving crew are being held at port, awaiting thine instructions.”

“Is there sufficient evidence to charge them?”

The captain’s expression soured.

“Yes, Thy Majesty. They are guilty of theft, murder, kidnapping, the destruction of peaceful maritime vessels, and sundry other crimes.”

The king’s eyes grew cold at the list of charges, knowing full well there were things Barda chose not to mention. While normally known for his kindness and generosity, Augustus considered pirates a loathsome scourge to be eliminated with haste.

“Very well, captain. See to the reading of the charges before the crew is hanged, and destroy the ship. Word should spread quickly that Spiredale will not tolerate piracy in our waters. I am most pleased, and thee and thy men are to be commended.”

“Thank thee, Thy Majesty. I also bring word on the new ships. The galley is now complete and ready for trials and three new cogs will be finished in a fortnight.”

“Ah, good news indeed, captain. Inform me when thee are ready and I will attend the commissioning.”

As Barda took his leave, the king made his way to one of the smaller antechambers and took his seat at the head of the table. The group awaiting him included his Chamberlain, Chief Steward, Minister of War, and Sir Geoffrey, the newly appointed Minister of Dragon Affairs. Eager to put the nasty pirate business behind him, Augustus began the meeting without delay.

“As ye already know, Croft and Rueloo left at sunrise today for Pinnacle and, at my behest, will also carry a diplomatic note to the nearby coastal Kingdom of Whitehaven. While the two have enjoyed friendly relations in the past, this appears to be changing with Whitehaven’s new king. From all accounts, Pinnacle is co-ruled by a dragon and her Draman, and we would do well to cultivate a friendship with them. Everything depends on what Croft and Rueloo discover while they are there, and we will meet with them upon their return.

“Before they left, we discussed the growing number of Draman and their possible future in the Crown’s service. The orphans know nothing about life here at the palace or in what positions they might serve. Therefore, the Draman and their dragons have been invited to Rose so that ye may instruct them. They will be shown all aspects of palace life, including the military, and I expect the first trainees to begin in the spring of next year. Make no mistake – there are many changes ahead for Spiredale – good ones I believe – and the presence of Draman and their dragons here at court will become commonplace.

“As this event falls under the purview of Sir Geoffrey, he shall require thy cooperation in the planning and details. The needs of both Draman and dragon must be considered carefully while they are our guests, and I will remind ye that none will be forced to serve against their will. Service to the Crown is an honor, but as I want them happy in their life here, they must be free to choose their vocation. This is an exciting time for the kingdom, and what we do today will determine the security and prosperity of Spiredale for generations to come. What say ye, gentlemen?”

The king’s advisers burst into animated conversation, discussing ideas, delegating tasks, and asking many and varied questions. It pleased him to witness their enthusiasm as they took an important step towards a truly integrated society of human, Draman, and dragon – the first of its kind in this region of the world. At present, Spiredale’s neighbors either loathed, coveted, or ignored the plucky little kingdom. One day, Augustus believed, his tiny nation would enjoy the admiration and envy of the known world.


Chapter 2

En route to Pinnacle, day two

With the sun behind them, Croft enjoyed an excellent view of the jagged coastline below. To his right lay the vast open expanse of the Talon Sea, an enormous body of fresh water which dominated this part of the world. Spiredale itself was bordered on the north by the Sea, and from the very first, never completely out of their sight. A direct route across the water could have shaved two days off their journey, but only if they remained in the air without stopping.

Flying close to the coastline gave them ample opportunities to stop for rest, food, or sleep. It also made the trip much more interesting as they glided over the farms, towns, and villages along the way. Croft knew approximately where they were, having studied the maps at the palace. Though it probably wasn’t necessary, Rueloo also looked them over carefully, comparing the human-made drawings with Wheet’s directions. She had never been anywhere near Pinnacle, but dragons possessed an innate ability to find their way, even in the worst of conditions.

Up ahead Croft spotted a large forest and let Rueloo know he needed to relieve himself. Following their normal routine, she glided lower, skimming over the treetops to scent the air for human activity or the presence of other dragons. While they were not expecting trouble, some humans or even other dragons, would not welcome strangers in their territory. Finding nothing except the usual forest creatures, Rueloo circled back to land in a small grassy meadow with an adjacent pond.

While Rueloo drank from the pond, Croft hurried over to the nearest tree and emptied his bladder with a satisfied sigh. Since Rueloo needed to eat more frequently during long flights, they quickly returned to the sky in search of wild game. Minutes later, they spotted a sound of wild boars who scattered at her approach, and the chase was on. Confusing them with her call, Rueloo managed to swoop in and snatch two who mistakenly left the safety of the trees in their rush to get away.

She returned to the small meadow to feast, keeping an eye on Croft as he sat in the shade to eat some of the rations Margery had packed for him. Croft’s love for animals meant he generally avoided Rueloo’s extremely messy mealtime activities, and she acknowledged his discomfort by being quick and quiet when he was nearby. As a rule, Dragons were very fastidious creatures, always keeping themselves and their nests clean. At her insistence, Croft himself learned new bathing habits to keep her happy, and he ceased arguing with her about it long ago.

When Croft finished eating, he stripped next to the pond and waded in to wash himself and his clothing. While he redressed in the wet, heavy garments, Rueloo waded in to clean the blood from her scales and refresh herself. Between the sunshine and breeze as they flew, it wouldn’t take long to dry off and be comfortable once more. Soon, they were on their way and Croft enjoyed the time alone with his dragon, recalling the freedom of their early days when it was just the two of them.

Now, duty to both Wheet and the king brought them far from Dramanshire, even while Croft’s heart longed for home. His thoughts bounced from what he might be missing to what they faced when they reached their destination. Rueloo patiently listened, ignoring his worries. Instead, she tried to distract him by pointing out features of the land below or the different types of dragons they might encounter in their travels. Croft gave in and let her, knowing it was better than fretting about things he could not change.


Meanwhile, at Dramanshire

Eleven Draman sat clustered together on the stone courtyard, their dragons watching intently from nearby peaks as Dane began their weapons training. He was experienced in teaching grown men, but a dramatic shift in thinking and methods was required to instruct children in the art of self defense. More difficult still would be including girls in the classes – something unheard of in their society.

“His Majesty wishes all Draman to be instructed in the use of weapons. Some of ye will become soldiers and will be given additional training at Rose. For the rest of ye, being Draman marks ye as different, and, therefore, a potential target. It is wise to be able to defend thyself from attack.”

Sabina and some of the older Draman nodded in agreement, while the others looked confused. Eight year old Henry clearly thought the entire idea preposterous.

“My dragon will jusst burn them up! Why would I need to fight?”

Murmurs of agreement rippled through the group and Henry looked defiantly at Dane as though he’d won the argument. Dane proceeded to set him straight.

“Yes, thine dragons are very powerful, but can they protect ye always? What if ye are inside a building or separated? What if they cannot reach ye before thine enemy does? What if ye are taken by surprise?”

Clearly, Henry and some of the others were not yet convinced, so Dane decided a short and somewhat risky demonstration might be beneficial.

Calling the boy forward, he waited until Henry was within reach before acting. In a swift, smooth movement, he grabbed the startled Draman, pulled him back against his body, and lifted a sharp dagger to his throat. The surprised boy cried out, even as the other children gasped in shock. At the same time, Henry’s dragon, Drum, dove towards them with sharp talons extended, his thumping call echoing off the surrounding rock.

With only a moment to spare, Dane dropped the dagger, released Henry, and dove out of the way before Drum could reach him. The angry dragon squawked in surprise, lifting back into the air just far enough to turn, and landed with a resounding thud. Black smoke poured from his nostrils as Henry ran over to calm the agitated beast, stroking the smooth scales of his neck.

“Do not be angry, Drum. I am not harmed.”

 The other dragons were either rumbling with laughter or annoyance, but they seemed to understand what the foolish human was trying to show his students. Dane got up from the ground, slipped the dagger back into its hiding place, and slowly approached the now-smiling Henry. He bowed to the Dragon and extended his hand to the boy.

“Forgive me for scaring thee, Drum. I do not wish to harm the child.”

Henry patted Drum’s neck once more and then stepped away from the irritated dragon to take his instructor’s hand. Drum shifted from foot to foot, still uneasy, but allowed his Draman to be returned to the group. Nervous laughter greeted them as everyone settled down once more, and Dane continued.

“The weapon I used today, the dagger, will be the first one ye will master. They are small, easy to carry and conceal, and can save thy life. We will begin with practice blades while ye learn to use them, so no one will get hurt. Please explain it to thy dragon before we begin.”

The rest of the lesson went smoothly, and while the dragons hovered protectively, they did not interfere. Dane knew somewhere along the way they would learn their Draman could not be protected from all harm, nor could they attack at the slightest provocation. Like everything else, time, training, and experience would be their teachers.

As the lesson progressed, one thought continued to worry Dane. Croft left on his mission before he could teach the boy how to use any of the beautiful weapons given to him by the king. It was too late now, and he could only hope his son would have no reason to need them.

To be continued…

Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander grew up in the Midwest, was compelled to attend private school, and ended up with an eclectic career. He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. When not working to pay the bills, he loves to read, watch Star Trek, and laugh at Calvin and Hobbs cartoons. He also enjoys long baths, country music, nature photography, cooking and keeping up with his large family. Until recently, his writing included unpublished stories, music, poetry and drama scripts. Writing his first novel in 2016 changed everything, and he struggles to balance a boatload of ideas with very little time. His favorite genres include science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and romance. The author strives to create imaginative, generally upbeat stories with happy endings, making sure the bad guys get their comeuppance. He considers reading a chance to get away from it all and invites you to join him. If you enjoy Alexander’s work, he would love to hear from you. aelliottbooks@gmail.com

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    1. Oh, yes – but how much more interesting when you throw dragons into the mix! As you will see, there is a LOT going on in this story (and the next). It turned out to be more complicated than I originally planned, but I wanted to take this group of stories out with a bang! I hope you will enjoy the rest of this book over the next few weeks.

  1. Not at all! Each of the five books are around 11,000 words. The difference here is that the last two comprise one longer story, separated by a cliffhanger (don’t hate me!) at the end of Dragon Quest. The tale I wanted to tell simply couldn’t be completed with one book so I had to break it up. I can’t tell you any more without spoilers, so hang in there and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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