PIRATED BOOKS! – Beware of Kiss Library

If you have a published eBook(s), please check the Kiss Library site to see if your property has been pirated.

Yes – it happened to me. I have no idea how long they’ve been there, and all my books (except one) were listed – some with multiple editions. The slimy bastards didn’t even bother to change the title, cover, or author name and were charging twice the price!

They have a convenient DMCA link where you can request a take-down. I submitted it and immediately received a response:



We’ve removed the books by your request:

They might still show up in search even though the book pages are removed – search index is automatically updated every hour, so the books will be gone from the search soon.

We’ve suspended the users who have uploaded these books, we’ll give them a week for explanation, if they fail to provide proof of having a legal right to sell these books, we’ll see if they have any pending payments, which we can redirect to you instead. We’ll use your email in this case.

We’re very sorry about this situation – we’ve had an influx of copyright complaints recently which we haven’t seen before. Apparently someone has found a way to work around our copyright protection mechanism.We have paused uploading of new listings to our site until we can design a better copyright verification system.

If you have any more questions, please write to dmca@kisslibraryemails.com

Best regards,
KissLibrary team

KissLibrary, Liutsinskaya str, 15 office 17, Minsk, Minsk, 220055, Ukraine


So – will it work? I sure hope so, but time will tell. I would like to think the company is serious about fixing the problems, but there are several red flags which cause me to doubt the issue has been settled so easily.

I have to wonder how many OTHER places are featuring my stolen property and where they got their hands on the files. I have my suspicions, but of course can’t prove anything. If I sound upset it’s because I am, but I wanted to give my fellow authors a heads-up just in case they are victims too.

If you have had similar issues with Kiss Library, or any other site featuring pirated work, please share so we can all hunt them down!

Update: I checked the site after a few hours and found all my books were removed as requested. That’s one down, ??? to go!


Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander grew up in the Midwest, was compelled to attend private school, and ended up with an eclectic career. He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. When not working to pay the bills, he loves to read, watch Star Trek, and laugh at Calvin and Hobbs cartoons. He also enjoys long baths, country music, nature photography, cooking and keeping up with his large family. Until recently, his writing included unpublished stories, music, poetry and drama scripts. Writing his first novel in 2016 changed everything, and he struggles to balance a boatload of ideas with very little time. His favorite genres include science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and romance. The author strives to create imaginative, generally upbeat stories with happy endings, making sure the bad guys get their comeuppance. He considers reading a chance to get away from it all and invites you to join him. If you enjoy Alexander’s work, he would love to hear from you. aelliottbooks@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “PIRATED BOOKS! – Beware of Kiss Library”

    1. Me too. The sad truth is that for every one we catch, there are probably a dozen more out there doing the same thing. For all I know, the guilty party could be a Kiss Library staff member!

  1. Wow! How in the world did you find out that your books were on Kiss Library? I’ve never heard of them. Do the only sell your books in Ukraine or all over the world? That certainly stinks & you should be able to get your money for any sales from Kiss Library, since it’s their fault that the didn’t verify authorship. Wow, how low will people go?!

    1. I had never heard of Kiss Library before, but saw another blogger’s post and decided to check. Boy was I surprised! They didn’t even bother to change the cover, title, or author name, and were charging twice my Amazon prices. The site was all in English and using U.S. currency, but their main business address was in Ukraine. I have no idea how long it had been going on or how much money they made off it. I can only hope my work isn’t appearing anywhere else, but there’s no shortage of criminals and scumbags out there!

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