MY SCHOOL BUILDING (Another Blast From the Past)

In my dusty old school folder I found a poem I had turned in for an assignment. It’s written in longhand cursive (does anybody even remember what that is?), and even though it received a grade of B+, was torn in half. For some reason I changed my mind about throwing it away and kept the awful thing. Though undated, the text itself tells me it must have been written in the 8th grade. Considering the subject matter, and the humorless nuns who filled the place, it was awful ballsy of me to turn it in!


Your rugged features are frightening,

You’re ugly as can be,

I hate your personality,

I think you’ve got it out for me.


I really think you’re ignorant,

And stony-faced and cold,

You always make me say “I can’t!”,

You’re impersonal and bold.


I’ve been with you for eight long years,

And hated you all the while,

Your sickening lunches psyche me out,

They look like garbage piles.


Yeah, yeah – I know it’s wretched poetry, but the sentiment still stands! I have very few good memories from my Catholic school days – which ended up being grades 1-12. My parents thought they were doing the right thing, and who knows? Perhaps attending a public school would have been even worse!

By the way, I got even with the blue-haired lunch ladies in my senior year. I did a spot-on impersonation of Roseanne Roseannadanna (from Saturday Night Live), who reported on the awful state of things in the cafeteria. It brought down the house. HA! My best comedy performance ever! I still believe the blue hair came from the toxic food fumes and not as a result of their rinse.



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5 responses to “MY SCHOOL BUILDING (Another Blast From the Past)”

  1. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

    Wow, they sent you there the whole time? Harsh, dude.

    I think public school is a mixed bag – you could end up with something good, or you can end up with absolute garbage. My elementary school, for instance, was terrible, but my high school was excellent. At least with public school you get to age up and graduate into hopefully a better situation.

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      Some of my older siblings attended public schools for Jr. High and above, but I didn’t get that option! Most likely, it wouldn’t have been any better for me – I had a horrible time in school! Hated every last minute! I was bullied and harassed, had no real friends, and didn’t fit in. I made a quick escape after graduation and didn’t look back.

      1. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

        I’m a big fan of school (though I’m getting damn tired of it). I’m glad you’re happy that phase of life is done! Better than being a person who regrets growing up.

  2. Theresa Avatar

    Well, Happy Birthday! I too, love chocolate & cash. You can’t go wrong with either! Your WIP sounds like a fun idea. I like short stories & look forward to reading them. I have been enjoying your Draman series. It’s a fun, fast read & lots of adventure. I sure hope you can get them published; they’d make a good Christmas gift for the grandkids.
    Have a great weekend & have a nice, relaxing birthday!

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      Thank you! I’m very pleased you are enjoying my dragon stories. Not sure when I will be able to publish them, but I have to finish writing first! I plan on enjoying a quiet birthday – thanks for the well-wishes!!

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