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Some weeks simply don’t have a lot going on and this was one of them. I have managed to keep myself busy, mostly with small projects which were shunted to the side while I was finishing my last manuscript. As has happened every time during the transition from one book to another, I feel guilty for not having started on the next one! Seriously – I just spent the last ten months of my life creating Traitor’s Moon, so you would think I deserve a small break, but my author-self isn’t happy with the lull in action.

One of the projects was to create an author page on Goodreads. My books have enjoyed many reviews since 2016 and I felt it was time to make myself more available to my readers. There were, and are, reasons I didn’t want the exposure. Let’s just say it’s all wrapped up in my desire to remain anonymous and leave it at that. Yes, it’s true, Alexander Elliott is a pseudonym (gasp!) and I intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.

I’m also looking into making my books available in print! The main reason I haven’t up to now is the cost, but I believe I’ve found the solution in The Book Patch; a print on demand service. Many people prefer an actual paper book, including me, and believe it or not, some refuse to read eBooks at all. Print versions would provide broader exposure and give me something to autograph! Besides, my bookcase is crying out for physical copies I can admire and show off.

Now that the decks are mostly cleared I can focus on getting the next manuscript started. First, I need to combine and organize all my notes and ideas, gathered over the last several months. Some are on the computer while the rest are hand-written, residing in a manila folder. (What can I say? I am a curious mix of old/new school, but since it works I’m not prepared to change the process.) After that, I will create a rough outline to make sure I have the major plot points accounted for, followed by the actual writing. There are some exciting goodies in store for the Gladstone Shifters, and I’m eager to let my ideas loose on the page!

Author: Alexander Elliott

Alexander Elliott lives in the upper Midwest and is the author of books in multiple genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance. His work is replete with themes of love, passion, family, humor, hope, and acceptance. The author is known for masterful storytelling and creative world-building. His books feature realistic, well-developed characters, emotional depth, sizzling romance, and all the adventure, action, and intrigue necessary for a great read. If you have enjoyed his work, Alexander would love to hear from you! Email: aelliottbooks@gmail.com Website: https://aelliottbooks.com/

8 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup – Routine Housekeeping”

  1. Woohoo! Traitor’s moon is ready! And wow – nice pseudonym! It seems like a real name, and I think that adds an element of trust.

    I’ve thought about posting my reviews on goodreads, but I haven’t really used the site much. What do you think of Goodreads?

    1. Thanks H.! Providing reviews is really important to indie authors, so I encourage you to post them. They are useful on both sites in different ways, and I have noticed many Goodreads reviewers will also post the same on Amazon (so you don’t have to write two different ones).

      My author presence on Goodreads is too new for me to comment, but I am hoping it will generate interest in my work and encourage readers to share my stuff with others. On the flip side, I love hearing from my fans and talking about my stories, so the site may give me more opportunities to engage with them.

      The tough part is dealing with negativity and people with an agenda. Authors are warned not to argue with nasty reviewers, so sometimes it’s tough knowing how to respond – if at all.

      1. I bet it is hard not to argue. Even when I do beta reading type things, I can feel myself cringing and wanting to fight back. Still, escalating it makes you seem unsavory to people who might otherwise want to read your stuff…

      2. Exactly! For some strange and unfair reason, it seems readers have license to say whatever they want, while the author must remain silent. There needs to be a better balance in my opinion.

      3. I think it’ll come – but I worry that the cost will be that an author has to make his/her/their books in such a way that the readers’ displeasure is accounted for, that the readers will eventually dictate the course of a story.

  2. Well, if the herd mentality takes over I won’t be writing any more. I have as much right as the next person to voice my opinion and defend my work if necessary. The key is knowing when (and if) to pick your battles. For now, I’ll be a good boy…

  3. I’m with you guys! I like to give 4 & 5 star reviews & I cringe when I read some of the 1 & 2 star reviews. There is no need to be rude and/or mean to the author! The only time I gave a 2 star review was because there were SO many errors – in spelling & grammar – that I could hardly read it. Those are the things that should be pointed out & not that you simply didn’t agree with what the author was writing. If you don’t like it, don’t be mean if you review it. If it wasn’t for our authors, where would the rest of us be? I love your imagination, Mr. Elliott and hope you continue to write for many years to come!

    1. Thank you! Your support and encouragement mean so much. I hope to keep writing for a long time, and to borrow a line from Admiral David Farragut – “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

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