Weekly Roundup 11-1-18 Changes!

Weekly Roundup is an update on what’s going on in my world. Welcome!

My apologies for missing the update yesterday, but I have a good excuse.

Last week, I wrote about the difficulty of securing employment – two days later I got a job! It’s not everything I might have wanted, but it has potential. Unfortunately, working second shift is playing merry hell with my schedule! My neat, orderly world suddenly went belly up and I am scrambling to compensate. When your new normal is abnormal, things get kind of weird.

As if that weren’t enough pot-stirring, I was able to find an apartment (that’s another story) and so have been spending my little free time arranging utilities, changing addresses, etc. The move is this weekend, and since I just started a new job, can’t ask for time off. Whew! The silver lining here is I will finally have my own place instead of camping out in my son’s living room. I’m grateful to him for putting up with me, but he and I need our own space! How I’m going to afford the rent is another issue…

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I haven’t had any time to write. I hope to be back on the horse by this time next week, but no guarantees. Oddly enough, most of my “author” thoughts lately concern the next book in the series; something I’ve had happen before. If the ideas are really cool I’ll write them down, otherwise they get tucked back into my cranial cupboard until needed. While I hate the interruption, I should be back on track within a few days and make some progress on Traitor’s Moon!

PS – I have the final cover art and it’s gorgeous!



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4 responses to “Weekly Roundup 11-1-18 Changes!”

  1. H.R.R. Gorman Avatar

    Yay for getting a job!

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      Yes! It’s both exciting and exhausting. My sojourning days are nearly over.

  2. Theresa C. Avatar
    Theresa C.

    Congrats on the job & apartment! It’s funny how after the kids get out of the house, we like them to visit, but not stay forever! It must have been weird living with your son, but awfully nice of him to put up with you for so long! Just kidding! I hope your life settles down enough to be able to write again. I’d sure hate for all those ideas of yours to go to waste!

    1. Alexander Elliott Avatar
      Alexander Elliott

      Thank you! My son was eager for me to move back and be close to him again after a 12 year absence, so putting me up for a while was part of the deal. Still, I’m more than ready to have my own place again. I’m itching to get back to my manuscript, but the job and move have to come first. Once I’m settled, watch out!

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