Goodbye Pronoun, Hello KDP Select

After several days of being offline, all my books are now live on Amazon and available for purchase!

When my books were launched in August, I chose Pronoun to distribute them. Unfortunately,  Pronoun is shutting down operations in mid-January. This was an unexpected setback for me, as I now had to find a different to way distribute my work to the various retailers.

I have decided to distribute directly to Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select. The biggest change involves where my readers will be able to find my books – which will be exclusively on Amazon. The Select program renews every three months, so if I find it isn’t working for me, I can withdraw and return to KDP.

Due to program requirements, readers may also notice a slight increase in the regular price of my books. Amazon will have almost complete control over pricing and promotions as part of the Select program, which I hope will turn out to be a good thing. After all, if Amazon doesn’t know how to sell books by now we’re all in trouble!

Working 40-hour weeks at my regular job leaves me with limited time to pursue my writing career, so even little things take longer to accomplish. It is my hope to make some strategic changes in the new year, giving me more time to write. Stayed tuned…

Meanwhile, I am also working on my latest novel, Expectant Moon. If you are a paranormal/wolf shifter fan, you’re going to love this one! Look for more information in the near future.

Author: Alexander Elliott

I grew up in a big house, with a big family, and a big imagination. My writing began back in junior high school, and over the years has included unpublished stories, music, poetry, and drama scripts. I enjoy reading and writing in several genres, including science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance. Reading, for me, has always been a way to relax and escape real life for a little while. For that reason, I endeavor to write stories that are interesting, generally upbeat, and have a happy ending. If you enjoy my work, I would love to hear from you.

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