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Orphaned as an infant, Croft spent his early years in the harsh confines of the Abbey, dreaming of befriending a dragon. When the day finally came, an accident leaves him utterly changed and bonded to a beast named Rueloo. Facing prejudice and fear, Croft builds a quiet life in the nest among his dragon friends – unaware his unique abilities would soon be needed.

With a powerful foe marching towards their borders, King Augustus appeals to the dragon child for his help. Croft’s example of sacrifice, kindness, and bravery inspire the people of Spiredale to unite and overcome. With the dragons, they forge a powerful alliance and embrace an entwined future neither were expecting.

In this five-story collection, join Croft and Rueloo through a series of adventures filled with intrigue, survival, love, sorrow, and triumph. Their bond is only the beginning…(Suitable for ages ten-adult.)

“A well written fantasy with dragons and riders, kings and nobles, and enough action, humor and pathos to craft an enjoyable read. The story works well, with steady, easy world building that has the reader learning along with our young hero and his companions and ends on a positive promise for the future.”

“I found this to be such a happy, light, easy read. I love the variety of dragon characters and the bonding idea. The book was a collection of short stories, each one with a new plot device or adventure without being overwhelming. I would highly recommend this book to children and preteens especially, but I feel all dragon enthusiasts will enjoy it.”

“This is a delightful series of stories about a young boy, Croft, and his desire to be near dragons. He gets his wish, bonding with Rueloo. As they grow closer and learn about each other, their friends, dragon and human, join in the adventure. While the style of writing is more for youth, the young at heart, especially dragon-lovers, will enjoy it as well.”

“Elliott has written a story full of characters who are realistic and relatable. I love Croft and Rueloo and the stories flow together perfectly. I want more!”

“I greatly enjoy stories where the strongest characters creating the most change are young people. This collection is inspiring, relatable and timely, with a can-do attitude to overcome all obstacles. So well written, with a very new, fresh perspective on dragon lore and some very cool concepts you have never heard before. Definitely worth a read!”

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