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Tri-Color Dragons



A series of fantasy novelettes which begins with DRAGON CHILD – The First Draman. This story is currently FREE on my blog, so start reading!

The kingdom of Spiredale, known for it’s reserves of gold and a nest of dragons, is also home to a little orphan boy named Croft. When his curiosity leads to a life changing encounter, he becomes the endangered kingdom’s only chance for survival. Will Croft lose the only home he’s ever known or is this the beginning of something new?

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Book two, DRAGON VALLEY – Draman at Home will be released soon as a serial on my blog. Be sure to read the first book before you start!

Through his blood bond with a dragon, Croft becomes the first Draman – able to communicate directly with the mighty mountain beasts. Now, King Augustus wants to create a new home for orphans who may serve both the kingdom and the nest. As construction begins, Croft’s disturbing past threatens to undo their carefully laid plans. Will the grand experiment end before it even starts? Find out in Dragon Valley!