No, I haven’t started on my next novel yet! I wish I could, but my newsletter journey isn’t over yet, and there are other things I need to deal with first. Allow me to explain…

The newsletter is on hold. As I’ve learned more about what needs to be done, it’s obvious that I don’t have sufficient funds to actually launch the crazy thing. I thought I could squeak by with what I had on hand, but last year’s tax bill and poor sales this year have left Mother Hubbard’s cupboard bare.

It hasn’t been a waste of time, though, as I am learning how to do it right from the start and avoid costly mistakes down the road. The short stories I’ve been working on are complete (with beautiful covers!), but I still have more reading/study/research to do. My hope is to begin the newsletter before the end of 2023. We’ll see.

Between now and late October (see notes on UP NEXT below), I’m working on another project that’s been put off for too long. My science fiction series, GALACTIC NEIGHBORHOOD, needs a refresh – including some new material, a thorough update/edit, and new covers. Those books were written in the early days, and I’ve learned enough since then to know what they need and how to correct it.

Check back here for any updates on my journey, or send me a note.


Up Next

Before I begin my next novel, there’s a major change coming in late October. I will be switching my books from Amazon exclusivity to wide distribution. The plan is to use D2D as my distributor, which means loading all my book files in their system, refresh my account settings, and alter the way I promote.

The biggest change, besides my books appearing on Apple, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, and other booksellers, is that my titles will no longer be available on Kindle Unlimited. The days of free promotions and being ripped off by Amazon will end the last week of October. Scary? You bet. Big financial hit? Undoubtedly. Necessary? Yes, and overdue.

Why am I doing all of this? Because if I don’t, my book business will come to a grinding halt. While writing only costs me time, publishing and marketing is expensive. I have to make enough to at least cover expenses, or my author journey is over.

How can you help? The simplest way to support indie authors is to:

  • Buy their books and resist the lure of freebies.
  • Share your enthusiasm on social media.
  • Try sending your favorite author an encouraging email.
  • Always leave a written review (not just a star rating).
  • Volunteer to become a beta reader, street team member, or ARC reader.
  • Visit their website and leave comments/feedback.
  • Contact the author if you think their books have been pirated.
  • And, yes, sign up for their newsletter!

When the newsletter is ready, and all my books have been switched over to D2D for distribution, I’ll be adding to the Gladstone Shifters and Holiday Mates series. I’m not sure which will come first, but don’t expect a new release until mid to late 2024. Your patience is appreciated!


Possible Future Projects:

Scattered Humanity

I envision this as a series of Sci-Fi novels or novellas with a common backstory linking them together. Cool aliens, awesome new worlds, and humans in distress. You won’t believe some of the awesome stuff I have planned. Great space opera without all the singing!

Another series option is a combination of M/M romance and space opera! Joining the two sounds like a fun intergalactic journey. There’s nothing like love in the cosmos…

Curiosity Shoppe

This will be a series of shorter works with a mix of genres: fantasy, paranormal, Sci-Fi, and romance. Pay a visit to the shoppe and pick up a little something to take home. Every customer is guaranteed to get more than their money’s worth! And what about that mysterious shopkeeper and her “cat”? Irresistible reading in delicious bites!

More Paranormal/Fantasy

Future books may include bear and cat shifters, elves, fairies, brownies, genies, giants, merfolk, cupids, and unicorns. I’m eager to write about all of them! (some of these ideas may show up in the Curiosity Shoppe series – see note above).


Stories I won’t write

You’ll have to find a different author if you are looking for books with angels, demons, witches, vampires, zombies, mobsters, assassins, or the occult. They just aren’t my cup of tea.


Out of Print

My first novel, Second Chance Earth is no longer available for purchase. Why? See my blog post for the explanation. It’s possible that I will repurpose the storyline or major plot devices for use in other books or promotional materials in the future.



Have a question or comment? Want to say hello? Drop me a line HERE. I’d love to hear from you!


Check out my Amazon Author Page, a great place to see all my books or make a purchase!

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