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Gladstone Shifters SERIES

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There’s something stirring in Michigan’s upper peninsula. A new pack of wolf shifters has settled near the small town of Gladstone, headed by gay Alpha, Ben Blair. Tired of being tolerated, ignored, or threatened, the pack only wants a place to live in peace. Their non-traditional approach soon ignites a divisive controversy, putting all of them in danger. Amid the turmoil, Ben and his pack find love, acceptance, and purpose in a time of monumental change.

Expect a healthy dose of romance, believable characters, drama, and exciting action. Follow the lives, love, and loss of the Gladstone Shifters in Expectant Moon, Traitor’s Moon, Abundant Moon and Forbidden Moon! (Must be read in order. Contains steamy M/M content.)


“I am blown away by the author’s intricate and detailed world-building and his striking ability to create characters. I have come to care deeply for these friends with so much love and caring between them all, lots of happy tears and loads of laughter! These books have become some of my favorite that I have ever read. This is fantasy and m/m romance at its very best!” Len, Goodreads and Amazon

“This series takes you on an exciting journey and leaves you begging for more.” Amazon reviewer

“I read one right after the other and am anxiously waiting for the next one. I laughed, cried, was angry on behalf of and at some characters. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such awesome books!” Torrie

“Excellent shifter series—every book gives you something new. I can’t wait for this series to continue so I can lost in the lives of the Gladstone shifters once more. Absolutely and utterly recommended!” Merissa, Goodreads and ARC reviewer

“I absolutely love this series and eagerly await the next book. Riveting reads that keep you enthralled and eager for the next page. I hope the next instalment will be available soon.” Amazon reviewer

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