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Galactic Neighborhood

Exploration is on sale June 30 – July 4!

The Galactic Neighborhood trilogy traces the fate of three Earth starships, sent out into the void to find new worlds for man to colonize. Though their futures are ultimately intertwined, each faces the uncertainty of a galaxy filled with unknown life forms, danger, and incredible opportunity. (Books are best read in sequence for full backstory.)


“This is much more than a story about a star-ship. This is about the survival of humanity and the hardships of reality. Easy to read, and the relationships are well crafted.” Amazon reviewer

“I loved it, and found the entire series wonderfully written, with great characters. Keep them coming Mr. Elliott!” Annabelle, Amazon reviewer

“Very well written and executed, with lots of adventure, intrigue and excellent characters. Great reading.” ARC reader

“A great example of hope and the indomitable spirit of humankind. Well-written and entertaining!” Kari, Beta reader

“This trilogy is one of the best sci-fi series I have ever read. I recommend it to anyone seeking a hopeful, exciting and uplifting alternative to most books of this genre. A pleasure to read.” Amazon reviewer