Updated 11-27-23

Good news! I’m gathering all my notes together for Gladstone Shifters, Book 6! It’s been a long time coming , but I had an awful lot to do this year and the pause couldn’t be helped.

Meanwhile, my refreshed Galactic Neighborhood series is finally available for purchase (see below).

All of my books are now available at multiple retailers: Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, Tolino, Vivlio, Gardners, PLUS Everand (Scribd) and various library systems. As noted before, my books will continue to be sold on Amazon, but are no longer available on Kindle Unlimited.

Why the changes? Now that I’m more established as an author, I want to expand my reach to other countries and booksellers. I’m also weary of being controlled and abused by Amazon, all while giving away thousands of books with little to show for it. I work long and hard to craft awesome stories, and I deserve to be fairly compensated for them.

How can you help? The simplest way to support indie authors is to:

  • Resist the lure of freebies, and BUY THEIR BOOKS.
  • Share your enthusiasm on social media.
  • Send your favorite author an encouraging email.
  • Always leave a written review (not just a star rating).
  • Volunteer to become a beta reader, street team member, or ARC reader.
  • Visit their website and leave comments/feedback.
  • Contact the author if you think their books have been pirated.
  • Sign up for their newsletter if they have one!


Up Next

Gladstone Shifters #6, “Native Moon”, is now in process! These are long books that take from 6-9 months to write, so don’t expect a new release until mid to late 2024. Sorry, folks, it’s the best I can do.

NOTE: Fans are asking about the next Holiday Mates books. Since I can only write one book at a time, I intend to work on one or two more Bear Creek books as soon as Gladstone Shifters #6 is done! At this point, I’m leaning towards Father’s Day and Independence Day (July 4th) as the next installments. More details later in the year.

Check back here for any updates on my journey, or send me a note.


Stories I won’t write

You’ll have to find a different author if you’re looking for books with angels, demons, witches, vampires, zombies, mobsters, assassins, or the occult. They just aren’t my cup of tea.


Out of Print

My first novel, Second Chance Earth is no longer available for purchase. Why? See my blog post for the explanation. It’s possible that I will repurpose the storyline or major plot devices for use in other books or promotional materials in the future.



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